Screen Photography Album Options

Albums are available in various sizes, shapes and materials which can be purchased separately or within the two Deluxe packages.

These include boxes, parent albums, rounded corners, cover pictures, wording and padding. As stated some are included in the various packages we offer although every album can be increased in size and tailored to your individual taste with a maximum of 80 pages (40 spreads).

Materials are textile, leatherette and suede. A downloadbale swatch can be found lower down on this page.

10×10″ Album, box, USB & 8×8″ Parent Albums

With Optional wording & Rounded Corners

12×8″ Album, box & USB

With Optional wording (Inside Cover) & Rounded Corners

12×12″ Album, Box & 8×8″ Parent Albums

With Optional Embossed Gold Lettering & Cover Picture

12×12″ Album

With Optional Embossed Silver Lettering & Cover Picture

Accordion Books

Available with Box & USB, Or Stand Alone – (Ideal for Gifts)

8×8″ Album’s

With Optional Cover Picture, Parent Album / Slip Case Etc

10×10″ Album, box & USB

Some have; Optional wording & Cover Picture

10×10″ Padded Album

With Optional Rounded Corners

We have Many Sample Albums which are available for Viewing

Available Materials & colours can be viewed here with the option of downloading the PDF to your device …


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